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Available Positions:

    • Chief Operating Officer (COO): Runs The entire day to day operations. 2nd in charge of UniqueThis. Responsible for building UniqueThis as a whole.


    • Chief Marketing & Sales Officer (CMO): Responsible for all sales and marketing activities. 


    • Chief Technology Officer (CTO): The highest ranking technology position and leads the technology and engineering department. Must have advanced knowledge of website coding, software development, app development, and servers.


    • Chief Legal Officer (CLO): The most powerful legal executive who oversees the in-house attorneys. Must be an expert and leader who helps the company minimize its legal risks by advising the company's other officers and board members on any major legal and regulatory issues and makes sure UniqueThis is not violating any laws.


    • Chief HR Officer (CHRO): In charge of payroll, benefits, and internal regulations among employees.


    • Chief Financial Officer (CFO): Responsible for making UniqueThis grow financially. Must know tax regulations and implement corporate budget.


    • Operations Specialist: Helps guide existing members and subscribers. Master at email, phone, and social media communication. Coordinate information to the right department. Improves UniqueThis member experience. Monitors for unwanted content and adds content to UniqueThis as needed.


    • Marketing & Sales Specialist: Gains new members, new subscribers, and is an expert in all levels of UniqueThis products and services. Must be a master phone communicator and is not afraid to upsell. Takes inboud and outbound calls in a call center. Gets unlimited commission and has the potential to make more money than anyone else in the company.


    • Video Chat Coach Instructor: Must be advanced in one of the following: music instruments, any language, fitness coach, life coach, school subject tutor. Must be able to teach through video chat.


    • Videograper: Post videos on YouTube. Shoot & edit.

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