Privacy Policy 

Updated June 12, 2016


  • UniqueThis does not sell your personal information.


  • You have the option to choose who sees what in your profile.


  • You own your content and can delete it at anytime.


  • Other members might share your content and it may still be visible even if you delete your content.


  • Your profile might be featured in the media or used for marketing purposes with or without your permission.


  • You can block any member at anytime for any reason.


  •  Advertisements may be targeted to you based on information you provided on your profile.


  • UniqueThis reserves the right to delete posts and profiles that negatively impact other members and or the website without warning.


  • Once profiles or posts are deleted they are permanently deleted and can not be restored.


  • You will not send a personal message to anyone under the age 18 who you do not already know without their parents or legal guardian's consent.


  • UniqueThis as a company might share your personal information when legally obligated.


  • You agree not to post copyrighted content like music, movies, shows, books and photos without the copyright owner's permission.


  • You agree to discontinue use of all aspects of UniqueThis if and when you disagree with any part of the terms of service or the privacy policy.


  • You agree to periodically check for updates of the privacy policy and terms of service and to contact support when unclear about anything.


  • You agree to be awesome at all times.