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  • 08 May 2019
    Cyber criminals are always on the lookout for new ways to access businesses in order to steal data and money.  There are lots of ways you can protect your business and keep your assets safe from online crime.   The first way to prevent cyber attacks on your business is to invest in precautions such as anti-malware software.  These are programs which run on your computer system to pick up when users are accessing known “unsafe” sites.  These websites and pages can allow cyber criminals access to your computer networks.  The software works to alert users when they are likely to be at risk of criminal activity.  The cost of good quality anti-malware is not too high, so it is an easy way to add a layer of protection for your business.   The second suggestion is to securely back up your data regularly.  Think about all the times when you rely on business data, such as customer details, orders, payment details and more.  It would be a lot harder to run your business without them!  It is essential for all businesses to back up their data regularly.  By doing so, you are able to ensure your business will still run following the impact of a disaster such as a flood or fire, and your business is less likely to be blackmailed by a ransomware attack.   A final way to protect your business from cyber attacks is to invest in specialist cyber insurance.  Cyber insurance, also known as Cyber Liability Insurance, ensures you are financially covered to handle any situations where cybercriminals can access your systems and steal data or money from you.  There are business insurance companies who offer this type of insurance, so it is certainly worth reading up on the different options available to you.  
    1409 Posted by Nayem Chowdhury
  • 08 May 2019
      An air conditioner is one of the most important parts of the HVAC system in a house or industry. You will notice big air conditioner boxes on top of the apartments’ blocks or industrial buildings. This is the box where air conditioner, heater or boiler, and humidifier altogether work to maintain the overall interior environment or temperature. But sometimes only the air conditioner is used to keep the temperature perfect and this is efficient as well. If you want to know this big part of the HVAC system’s maintenance tips, then this article is for you.   Clean or Replace the Air Filters: This part is very important because most of the air conditioners become broken not having cleaned air filters. You need to clean the air filters or replace it if necessary. If you are not sure of the filter sizes, you can seek help from the professionals. They will recommend and suggest the proper air filters if required.   Remove Debris: After a long time use, your air conditioner will build up dirt, debris, and other things can slow down the air conditioner system and reduce airflow. Cleaning the debris from the unit regularly will provide the best maintenance to your air conditioner.   Check the Coil Fins More Often: The coil fins on the evaporator and condenser coils can easily be bent over time and this tends to blockage the airflow too. Check the fins more often to ensure it is positioning straight.   Air Conditioner’s Coil should be Cleaned: Condenser coils and evaporator attract dirt over time. And if the cleaning time is delayed, it reduces the airflow and blocks the activity. Not only the insider coil but also the outsider condenser coil fills with dirt so easily. These two must be cleaned within a certain period.   Annual Checkup: To provide your air conditioner the best condition always, you should hire the professionals some time to check everything is fine or not. Do this twice or once a year. They will suggest or recommend what to change and what to fix. However, to get the best air conditioner for your house or commercial space, consider seeing high performance HVAC heating and cooling reviews online.   In a word, your HVAC system should be given proper maintenance no matter if it’s only heating or cooling. And an air conditioner should be well-managed and maintained regularly to decrease the repairing cost more often.  
    1325 Posted by Nayem Chowdhury
  • 11 May 2019
    Keeping a house clean is so much like accomplishing impossible. You can hardly keep your house clean all the time especially if you have kids and pets in your home. However, you can still attempt on cleaning and organizing your house regularly to give it a satisfying look.   The following tips would be helpful for you to work like a pro:   Use a Pattern: To get everything organized and managed while cleaning your house, you need to use a pattern. Decide where to start your cleaning and end it. This can simply start from your bedroom or living room and end up in the bathroom. Separate your tasks from easier to the toughest stuff. This little outlining will help you clean your house more like a pro. Apply Cleaners and Do Other Job: There is some stuff in your house that requires deep cleaning. For example, cleaning out rug or carpet, cleaning windows, glasses, mirrors, and such things require quite a time with the cleaner application. During this time after applying on the surfaces, you can do your other jobs such as dusting the furniture or wiping them out. Clean the Ceiling and Rooftop as well: You need to clean your ceilings and walls from the dust and growing stains. Thus, your rooftop also requires cleaning because it covers with debris, leaves, and other elements which grow rising damp indoor. You should also provide the solar panel cleaning and for this, you can hire a professional. They will make your tasks easier as well. Start with the Little Ones and End up with Bigger Ones: When your house needs a thorough cleaning, you should focus on the little tasks first instead of picking up cleaning the bigger parts. This will make you gain more energy to face the bigger parts such as kitchen or bathroom part. When you will clean little stuff such as dusting the furniture, sweeping floors, folding clothes, and many more like these, you will get yourself prepared for the next level. Cleaning your refrigerator, dryer, air-conditioner, and other important appliances should be handled very professionally while cleaning out. It is better if you hire the professionals in need. Moreover, this is your responsibility to make your home feel like heaven. Clean it out regularly. Dust, dirt, and debris are also harmful to our health. So, try to get rid of them.
    990 Posted by Nayem Chowdhury
  • 14 May 2019
    Keeping pace with more technical sides in customer service can be complicated sometimes. When customers require any queries about tech challenge, it is needed to know how to resolve the problem in a more effective and fastest way. Therefore, help desk and tech support often require a more specialized touch to ensure the customer service properly. There are some solutions to implement to get a better output: Get Ideas about Customers’ Technical Level: When you will meet customers, you need to get clues and use intuition regarding the conversation or correspondence. It will help you identify customers’ level of how tech-savvy they are. This will be useful for you to help them in the long run as well. Sometimes it might be complicated to several customers while fixing a simple problem because they are not technically inclined. On the other hand, some customers might be more fluent in interacting to get a solution, who have better expertise on the matter. Identifying a customer’s level of technical expertise makes it easier for you to respond in the right direction. Check for Previous Support Tickets: Most of the customers face more like technical issues during work. You can review the previous support tickets to get ideas regarding it. Previous tickets may have clues or notes that provide with a better solution by directing the customers to the right department. There is a geek squad tech support team, which can help you with providing the right solution when required. Identify and Evaluate Problem Level: You need to identify the problem and evaluate on how to fix it. Sometimes, a customer might require only some simple instructions on how to fix a lost password or something like that. You can provide customers with helpful resources such as video tutorials, instructions by step, and others. Take Details on Every Interaction: It is important to keep detailed notes that of the customers that might be important later in resolving problems. This also helps the agents track their common issues and providing the best suggestion. Direct Customers to Self-Service Solution: Resolving common problems by the customers themselves can be an effective and powerful way to spend on individual support tickets. It can save both the time and energy of the agents and customers as many customers prefer to find the solution on their own. Moreover, apply these few effective tips for your help desk and tech support success.
    911 Posted by Nayem Chowdhury
Family & Home 389 views May 26, 2019
The benefits of hiring a professional Local Plumbing agency

Hiring a professional local company like Plumbers London carry many benefits for the clients. Read the following points to find out and be amazed(if you haven't thought of them) by what they can be.


Top benefits of hiring a professional Local Plumbing agency:


Money Saving

A professional local plumbing company is both quality and price savvy. So they will make sure that the materials and tools that are used are quality-wise best and price- wise reasonable--- and affordable. This means that you won't end up buying poor quality products or expensive ones due to their expert knowledge of the products in the market and your plumbing needs they find after a precise inspection.

That's what you get when you hire the Pro: They will mean ' Business'- Clean and Genuine and 'No Dodgy works' done by the Amateurs.


Durable work

As the plumbers London will use the best quality products and razor-sharp expertise, The work they will do will be durable and last for ages. The end result is you will have peace of mind as you won't be faced with fixing things every now and then. No to mention, it will save you money too as you won't be doing expensive repair works so often as you would need to if the work is poorly done by low-skilled plumbers London.


Easier and Reliable  Background check

If you hire a professional local plumbing company, you can find out how good or bad they are from the family, friends or people you know and trust: The easiest and most reliable reference you can get and if need be, you can check out the works the company have previously done for them.


Available When needed

A  plumbing company based in your city or neighborhood will be more easily accessible than one from a different city or a far off area regardless of how good they are or cheap service they provide. Once you have got your work done, that does not mean that you won't need their help again in the future or in an emergency. Next time they come they will know your place ( so won't take long to find your place )and the works that they have done making the problem solving easier and quicker than a newcomer who would have no clue about the system in place. If you hire one from another city or distant area, you may not see them again after the work is finished. So, you will be left with no choice but to hire a new one and you don't want to go through the hassle of background checks and other things all over again. So choosing a trustworthy local company over one from outside is the wisest decision you can make.


Proper Documentation

Just because someone says that they are professional service providers, you shouldn't trust them at their words. Make sure you check they have proper documentation- license and insurance and VRB checks of their employees( better if they have a professional certification like City&Guild but it's not a Must because the long hands-on experience will well compensate for it ).

The licensed company will have the best work processes in place and have insurance cover for any work-related injury. Being insurance covered, they will have to ensure that their workers are given the best training and equipped with all necessary safety tools and techniques to avoid and minimize their exposure to injuries at work as they could be dealing with different sharp metals, objects and electricity. This will protect both the workers and you as the former will have a safer work environment and you won't be liable for paying financial compensation whether or not there is an injury.

A reliable company will provide VRB ( criminal background ) checked employees as you don't want to let anyone into your home because it concerns you and the family members safety.


Modern Tools and Expertise

The plumbers that are reputable for providing the best quality service in a timely and cost-efficient manner,  have all the modern tools and equipment and a  Top-Notch team equipped with all the training and up-to-date skills to use the tools, identify and solve any problems seamlessly in no time. We call them professional because they have the know-how and the cutting edge tech to provide you with the best plumbing experience you search for. 


Summing up, The points above have clearly illustrated the key benefits of hiring a plumber London that will be a professional service provider with the best work practices and tools and at the same time locally based to make background checks and accessibility easier.