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Business 237 views Feb 28, 2018
Yoga TTC koh phangan & Ubud


Are you prepared to advance your Yoga practice? Do you seek a meaningful manner of helping our community? This might then be the time to come and begin sharing your Yoga passion with your community and friends.

We use Akasha Yoga to provide a space for essential advancement and welcome you to take a trip with us to the ultimate origins of conventional Yoga. It is our belief that a strong self-practice, an ample structural, spiritual and philosophical comprehension of Yoga and the love for our undertakings are the solutions to becoming a prosperous Yoga instructor. Our vast experience of training Yoga teacher allows us to choose effective techniques that changes candidates quickly into self-assured instructors.

The detailed curriculum of our comprehensive 200-hour course is accepted and licensed by the popular international Yoga Alliance. Our invitation to Yoga Teacher Training in Bali & Thailand is an earnest one to change your passion to an important profession.


The foundations of our lessons are rooted on energetic and classical Kundalini Yoga, Hatha Yoga, spiritual heart meditation and Advaita Vedanta’s non-dual wisdom. Our ambition is to harmonize the heart and mind to mix rational comprehension with rich practice and to create current-moment knowledge. Our hallmarks are uniqueness and motivation, zeal and passion.

Our practice involves the yin and yang elements of Hatha Yoga. We impart knowledge in a series of 38 conventional postures which integrate the conventional static holding of postures with the vibrant stream of sun salutation. We practice the control over mind, energies and body while developing a consistent flow of knowledge. To present the complete range of Hatha, we also combine purification methods, breathing workouts and meditation. The exercise is structured by lessons on fundamental scriptures, yogic philosophy, the state of consciousness and delicate energies and chakras.


We offer a choice of core factors that will enable you to turn into a prosperous Yoga teacher: full awareness of Yoga methods, efficiency of practice, experience in correction and adjustments, strength in Yoga values and the advancement of leadership qualities. This is evident in our high level of conversion of graduates who actually begin coaching immediately after our teaching.

We created the huge topic of classical Hatha Yoga in a meaningful manner to allow beginners and skilled practitioners to get a complete overview. The committed team of skilled teachers changes the understanding of the Yoga tradition into modern language that is accessible. Our objective is to remove the Yoga from the mat and include it into day to day life.


Yoga TTC koh phangan & Ubud